Tips for boosting women’s sex drive

women’s sex drive

Relight your fire ... one in five Brit women has a low sex drive

Relight your fire … one in five Brit women has a low sex drive

ONE in five British women has a low sex drive, according to worrying new research.

The first national study into female sexual problems has revealed just how unhappy ladies are with their love lives…..

Many struggle to become aroused and others are left feeling distressed by love-making, claims the study by King’s College and Queen Mary universities, both in London. And being in an unhappy relationship was the main cause cited for sexual woes by the 1,500 women, aged 18 to 85, who were quizzed.

Here, sex expert TRACEY COX gives tips on how to beat the most common passion killers that couples encounter.

Saying ‘I do’

THE line “Not tonight dear, we’re married” may get laughs in TV sitcoms, but for many couples it is the sobering reality.

Tracey says: “A common perception is that it’s the wives who start saying no. But it’s actually more often men saying ‘I don’t’ after ‘I do’.

“Familiarity is a desire dampener for both sexes because it strips away the three top turn-ons – unavailability, adventure and mystery. A natural reaction when all this happens is to feel angry and cheated.

“But you both need to stop making pre-marriage comparisons and replace the old hot, urgent sex with something equally satisfying – sex where you each know the other’s triggers so well orgasms are guaranteed.

“Anticipatory sex, where you’re both in a sexy fluster all day at work because you’re going to try something new and naughty that night, is also a good stand-in.”


Anger and resentment

“CHRONIC anger poisons your relationship and sex life,” warns Tracey.

“If the person you’re living with is no longer your friend, they’re the enemy. Why would you want to open your heart – or legs – to them?

“They can’t be trusted to do the right thing by you. Feeling attacked isn’t sexy. Attacking someone you’re meant to love isn’t sexy either.”

Bad sex is usually the symptom rather than the cause of tensions. So to get things back on track in the bedroom, you need to work out what made you angry in the first place – then deal with it.

Tracey says: “It’s unlikely to be sex problems that got you to this point. Think back to when it all started and you’ll find the original cause, all the other grievances are lumped on top.

“If you feel angry with your partner or they are angry with you, get yourself booked in to see a good couples counsellor now. As in, right now.

“Great sex can cure a lot of things but it’s impossible to have if anger and resentment are standing by the door watching you and sneering.”


I’m not sexy anymore

KEEPING your partner attracted to you is a two-way process.

First, try to maintain what attracted them to you in the first place – a sexy body or an infectious laugh.

Tracey says: “There are plenty of ways to turn your partner off you physically. Heavy smoking, hygiene habits, slobbing around in hideous clothes. But the biggest turn-off of all, in surveys worldwide and cross-gender, is putting on weight.

“Love is kind but it’s not blind.

“If it’s you that’s tipping the scales, think about why you’re over-eating. Food is a source of pleasure. Are there other things to give you that?

“If your partner is getting ‘bigger’, encourage them to go on a health kick with you. If that doesn’t work, a tactful chat to say you’re worried about their weight for health reasons will get you further than digs about elephants.”

The second way is for people to recognise new attractions – you being supportive, nurturing, a whizz at the finances, a great mum or dad.

Tracey says: “It’s not always possible to maintain all the initial attractions. You should rely on both.”


Bad or boring technique

TRACEY says: “The better sex is, the more you’ll want it. It’s that simple.

“While technique can be easily learnt with self-education and feedback from a partner, if you didn’t speak up at the start it seems both cruel and unthinkable to turn around and say, ‘Honey, everything you do in bed doesn’t do a thing for me’ 15 years in.”



The main reason why women don’t orgasm with their partners is because they don’t speak up about what they need to make it happen. Tracey says: “If you need 20 minutes of uninterrupted oral sex, ask for it. How do you have orgasms on your own?

“That’s the clue to having them with your partner.

“Turn things around, be the one who is deciding who does what where and when. You can also think back to experiences you’ve enjoyed the most. What made them stand out?

“Identify the key elements and work to recreate them.”

And the hottest sex tip of the lot? Get granny to have the kids for a sleepover so you can relax and properly enjoy intimate time together.


Green Beauty Expert Rona Berg Names 5 Useful Household Items

Rona Berg is an internationally renowned green beauty and wellness expert, and best-selling author of Beauty: The New Basics and Fast Beauty: 1000 Quick Fixes. Berg is the former Beauty Editor and Deputy Lifestyle Editor of The New York Times Magazine, Editorial Director of ELLE, Contributing Editor to SELF, co-founder/editor-in-chief of Organic Beauty. She is currently Beauty Expert/Science of Beauty columnist Here a 5 common household items from Berg’s own personal experience that also make great beauty tools.

“In my book, Fast Beauty: 1000 Quick Fixes, I devote an entire section to common household items that do double duty for beauty. Of course, DIY……..

is not for everyone. But, in a pinch, you can create your own quick, easy, and inexpensive beauty treatments from simple household products. Your olive or sesame oil can double as a moisturizer for super-dry skin, and a tiny dab of olive oil will nourish hair at the dry ends. Olive oil is light and gentle enough even for the most sensitive skin. It is a staple in Mediterranean beauty and spa cultures. Because of its small molecular structure, sesame oil is one of the most deeply penetrating, and it’s rich in linoleic and fatty acids, which carry water-soluble nutrients through the skin.

Baking soda, a fine abrasive, can be used to brush your teeth, applied as a paste to dry a pimple overnight, or worked through damp hair to get rid of built-up of styling products. It can also be massaged into flaky elbows and knees and even used as a gentle exfoliant on the face.

I always say that a toothbrush, like a cat, has many lives. An old toothbrush can be recycled and used to comb through eyebrows and lashes, to apply hair color and touch-ups, with a bit of honey (another household favorite!) to exfoliate lips, elbows, and knees, and to clean and scrub beauty tools like pencil sharpeners, combs, and tweezers. A bag of frozen blueberries or peas is really handy to have in the freezer. It helps soothe skin irritated by waxing and calms red or inflamed skin. The malleable shape adjusts easily around any part of the body.

And never throw a tea bag away—after your cup of tea has steeped, pop the tea bag in the freezer for later use. Chilled green tea bags will take down puffiness under the eyes and soothe inflamed or bruised skin. A chamomile tea compress will reduce irritation if your skin is sensitive.”

Lacura Skin Care



Lacura Skin CareSelect assortment discount grocer ALDI is bringing one of Europe’s best kept beauty secrets to the U.S. as it launches its Lacura skincare in stores across the country. Created by German skincare specialists, this premium line of facial toners and cleansers; facial creams; eye creams and gels; gentle lip balm; and facial masks and peeling gels has been highly praised by beauty experts and beaten some of the biggest names in beauty in independent consumer testing.

Lacura Q10 Anti-wrinkle Night Cream came out top in European quality tests alongside major brands such as L’Oreal, Olay and Helena Rubenstein. Meanwhile, in independent blind tests of 2,000 volunteers, Lacura Q10 Anti-wrinkle Day Cream was voted best for its powerful anti-aging effects. Once women in Britain read about it, they cleared ALDI’s shelves, buying more than 35,000 jars in just one day. Lacura also beats competitors on price with products retailing as much as 95 percent lower than big-name brands……


“Our Lacura skincare formulas have won wide acclaim in Europe, so we’re thrilled to be bringing them to U.S. consumers,” said Joan Kavanaugh, ALDI’s vice president of corporate purchasing. “Every product features nature’s finest ingredients and the latest skincare research to really nurture the skin. In fact, we use the same hard-working ingredients you’ll find behind more expensive labels. With Lacura, enjoying firmer, fresher, feel-good skin doesn’t have to cost a fortune.”

Lacura ingredients include bioflavonoids, coenzyme Q10, a special retinol complex, hydrating sea minerals, provitamin B5, aloe vera, vitamins E and C, allantoin and other active extracts. The skincare retails from $1.99 to $4.99 compared to competitor prices of $20 to $99 and includes:

Facial creams: 1.7 oz sells for $4.99

    • Lacura Q10 Anti-wrinkle Day Cream – deeply moisturizes, helping smooth out wrinkles and protect against skin ageing
    • Lacura Q10 Anti-wrinkle Night Cream – intensively regenerates, helping reduce wrinkles and protect against skin ageing
    • Lacura Q10 Restorative Cream – regenerates, smoothes, tightens and protects more mature skin
    • Lacura Hydra Complete Cream – intensively hydrates, refreshes and softens

Facial cleanser and toners: 8.45 oz sells for $2.99

    • Lacura Hydrating Facial Cleanser – deeply cleanses, nurtures, balances and softens
    • Lacura Hydrating Facial Toner All Skin Types – refreshes and deeply clarifies pores
    • Lacura Hydrating Facial Toner Sensitive Skin – same care for sensitive skin

Facial masks and peeling gels: 2.54 oz sells for $2.99

    • Lacura Exfoliating Peeling Gel – cleanses, purifies, brightens and refines
    • Lacura Hydra Complete Mask – intensively hydrates, nourishes, balances and softens
    • Lacura Ultra Firming Mask – helps give mature skin radiance, firmness and elasticity

Eye care: 0.5 oz sells for $3.99

    • Lacura Moisturizing Eye Cream – hydrates, balances and helps prevent new wrinkles
    • Lacura Regenerating Eye Cream – helps smooth away wrinkles in more mature skin
    • Lacura Revitalizing Eye Gel – soothes, smoothes and moisturizes to minimize wrinkles

Gentle lip care: Three-pack sells for $1.99

    • Lacura Milk & Honey Gentle Lip Care – with extracts of milk, honey, jojoba and babassu
    • Lacura Pearl & Shine Gentle Lip Care – with avocado, chamomile and hint of shimmer
    • Lacura Sensitive Gentle Lip Care – with protective natural waxes to soothe stressed skin

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Beauty Tips and Makeup Tips

beauty tips blog

If you have yet to discover the most potent secrets that will enhance your natural beauty, you are not alone. But beauty is an attribute that is difficult to define. No single formula, tips, procedures, or technique yields equally desirable results for everyone. The cosmetic advice offered in fashion magazines, within television segments, or on amateur blogs can therefore prove disappointing. Making yourself more beautiful is a life-changing, personal investment—one that should be made in consultation with professionals.

The “secrets” of beauty tips are not as mysterious as they might seem. In fact, select professionals are eager to share the beauty tips that will help you look your very best. Their mission is to provide information, advice and practical instruction tailored to your needs. Your hair, eyebrows, eyelashes, skin, nails, and lips each get thorough attention.

Experts begin with the basics, by noting any physical conditions that can affect your appearance. Beauty tips consultants then offer advice for addressing common symptoms such as dry skin, thinning hair, brittle nails, chaffing, and chapped lips. Clients are urged to seek medical evaluation if an underlying illness is suspected.

The most important aspect of your beauty tips consultation is the knowledge you gain. Experts do not simply implement techniques. They also provide the practical information that empowers you to feel confident. Your beauty potential continues to grow, long after your appointment ends. You will learn how heat and ultraviolet ray exposure, the use of specific hygienic and cosmetic products, the effects of environmental toxins, and precipitation should influence your beauty decisions.

Rather than offering you just one solution, professional consultants present a variety options, and then encourage you to make the choice with which you are most comfortable. But beauty experts are also hands-on instructors. They do not simply talk about cosmetic care. Once you know what works, and why it works, they teach you the techniques. Education includes not only observing them, but also practicing the tips yourself.

Expert beauty tips consultation services are even more beneficial because they are provided in an exceptionally professional manner. Meet with your personal beauty advisor in a comfortable environment, and enjoy the pleasant, relaxing atmosphere. Your friendly relationship with your advisor will be founded upon respect and understanding. You receive a thorough, individualized consultation during each appointment.

You can depend upon the high-quality of our services. Routine, extensive customer follow-up ensures your ongoing satisfaction. Services are provided promptly and efficiently. We commit to meeting or exceeding your expectations each time you visit.

We are distinguished authorities in the field of beauty advisory. Our expertise is backed by professional certification. Continuing education in cosmetology and health enable us to offer ongoing, optimum service. Our skills training is reinforced by experience, and we have earned our excellent reputation.

When you are ready to discover just how beautiful you truly are, do not be distracted by the latest fads, quick fixes, or expensive products that promise to reveal some magic secret. Instead, make an investment. Go beyond only watching, or listening. Talk with a professionalbeauty tips advisor. Discover the only important beauty secret — yours.