Blood Type Diet

Everything we eat determines how our body will react and has an influence on such things as the ability to handle every day stress, our weight, how clearly we are able to think or reason, and our levels of energy.

Why can some people seem to eat anything and never gain weight while you just look at a piece of pizza and gain five pounds? This, of course is an exaggeration, but you get the picture. The explanation lies with a discovery of lectins that are found in protein molecules of many foods. Each individual’s body interacts with these lectins in different ways, both good and bad.

The theory behind the Blood Type Diet is that only your blood type can predict how your body will handle the lectins. If you know your blood type, you can take advantage of this because you will know before you eat something how your body will react. Exposure to the wrong lectins over an extended period can have serious health effects or chronic conditions.

Someone with blood ype O for example, cannot handle the lectins in wheat very well and often mistake their symptons for a simple stomachache. Every blood type has its own characteristics, individuals with different blood types actually exercise differently, eat differently, and some have even suggested that blood type influences personality traits in individuals.

There are many resources from which you can learn about the Blood Type Diet. It is suggesteed that you research and seek a doctor’s advice before you start any type of diet. The first thing you need to do before you can take advantage of the information you find in your research is to have a simple blood test done to determine your blood type. If you donate blood, they will automatically type your blood. Find out all you can in your research. Many have found success in the blood type diet and swear by it.


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