cabbage soup diet

We have all been there. Invited to a swank event where you want to look great. You try on “that” outfit, the one that always looked stunning on you and now, NOW after some dietary neglect you like a sequined sausage in heels.

Well I had this exact some problem, a holiday party in only a month with 10 lbs. to loose. My mother-in-law, feeling my pain, suggested I try the cabbage soup diet. I remember back in the eighties when the diet was so popular, everybody, maybe even Oprah tried it, and it seemed to work.

I was a little hesitant, not being a huge fan of cabbage soup, I wondered if all you ate was soup. My mother-in-law dug out an old copy of the diet and explained everything. It turns out the diet is a weekly cycle of rotating foods plus cabbage soup.

The first day you make a huge batch of cabbage soup, enough to last at least a week and then you consume the food-group for that day. Everyday you eat as much as the single food grouping you want and as much cabbage soup as you want starting with fruit, vegetables, skimmed milk, beef etc.

After a week you start over again. The theory is that the cycling of nutrients somehow abates hunger while providing nutrients which correlates to weight loss. The first week of the cabbage soup diet took a lot of discipline to stick to my food groups, but the diet is designed to eliminate choices while providing abundant food quantities. Basically I was never hungry and but had plenty to eat. It actually works too, after three weeks I lost over twelve pounds.

I would have probably lost more except the cabbage soup diet, even though simple, is difficult to maintain over long periods. It worked as I no longer looked like a sequined sausage in my dress and if I ever need to burn calories fast again, I’ll know it’s time to put the soup on.  Here is also another article on the cabbage soup diet.


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