Detox Diet – All You Need To Know

Detox diets are used to remove dietary and chemical toxins from the body. It should not be confused with detoxification processes from drugs and alcohol. It is thought that the diet can improve allergies, provide nutrient support, and protect the liver. Toxins can include: Ammonia (Produced during the break down of protein), pesticides, house hold cleaners, food additives, drugs, pollution, and heavy metals that have been ingested or inhaled.

The detox diet is a short term diet that last approximately 2-weeks and is generally done once or twice a year. The diet includes organic foods and emphasizes food that provide vitamins, nutrients, and antioxidants to the body and is high in fiber and water intake. Through this change in dietary intake the body flushes the toxins through increased bowel movements and urination.

After the completion of the detox diet, the dieter should continue participating in a healthy diet, and exercise. It is believed that the toxins are deposited in the bodies fat cells, creating what is called “Body Burden”, which occurs over time from unhealthy diets, lifestyles, and pollution. This “body burden” can lead to increased allergies, illness, hormonal imbalance, poor immune system, decreased metabolism, fatigue, bad breath, muscle pain, and poor skin health. The flushing of the “body burden” can result in improved, energy levels, clearer skin, more regular bowel movements, mental clarity, weight lose and better digestion.

The detox diet consists of special nutritional diets, herbs, supplements, hydrotherapy, exercise, and breathing techniques. Some of the more controversial techniques are fasting, colon hydrotherapy, liver flush. An alternative practitioner can customize a diet to fit the clients needs. EX: Special diets to detox skin, liver, kidney, colon, lungs, or lymph systems.

Many participants of the detox diet prefer to begin the diet at a time when they may stay home for 2 -3 days as in the first few days of the diet there is an increased volume and frequency of bowel movements and urination. Critics of the diet sight that the detox diet is unproven in medical testing and research and that it could be harmful to some people. Critics also point out that the body is capable of flushing toxins from the organs on a daily basis and does not require additional flushing or detoxification.


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