Egg grapefruit diet

Egg grapefruit diet promises to shed pounds quickly.We will find variants on what other foods we can eat. Below are the sample plans:

Breakfast: Half a grapefruit, Two eggs, Two slices of bacon.

Lunch: Half a grapefruit, Salad, Any meat

Dinner: Half a grapefruit, Salad with dressing, Meat or fish, Plain coffee or tea

Here are some rules to adhere while on the egg grapefruit diet:

  • Eat until full to stuffed Drink at least eight ounce glasses of water each day Limit coffee intake
  • Don’t eat breads, desserts, white vegetables or sweet potatoes
  • Do not snack between meals
  • Follow the diet for 12 days, take two days off and then repeat

There are variations to the egg grapefruit diet which allow other fruits, breads and cheese. Still, the calories are very restricted, which is what leads to the rapid weight loss. It does advocate drinking a lot of water, which is important, but eating the same diet for 12 or even three days, can get incredibly boring. Anyone who only takes 800 calories a day is bound to lose weight, but when you begin eating normal meals again, chances are the weight will creep back on. Eggs are also a good source of protien, but can be less ideal for those watching their cholesterol levels. Many people skip the yolk and just eat the egg whites, which are healthier.


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