Early morning speed-make-up is an art in itself. Whether you have a seconds to spare before leaving the house or you’ve made a make-up mistake that needs a quick fix, Jade Pickering asks the expert make-up artists, Trisha Chandler and Clare Bryce, to share their top tips for looking gorgeous in minutes.

Instantly gorgeous glow

To give yourself a brighter, healthier complexion make sure you always have bronzer at hand. ‘After applying your foundation, sweep bronzer where the sun normally falls on the face – on the temples, tops of cheeks and chin. Don’t forget to add lashings of brown or black mascara too.’ says Clare.

Rewind a blusher blunder

Gone overboard with your pot of rouge? ‘Don’t worry, just take a cotton ball and gently press onto your cheeks to remove the excess colour. Softly pat a little foundation over the top of the blusher to minimise,’ says Clare.

Fix a mascara disaster

With no time to remove and re-apply, Trisha has some great advice for misbehaving mascara: ‘Always have a cotton wool bud readily available. Dip into your cleanser and rotate gently over the flaked area – it will fix the problem in seconds.’

Line larger lips

‘Nude lip pencils are perfect for giving the illusion of a plumper pout – they sink into the skin without leaving any tell-tale lines around your mouth. Line your lips, apply your lipstick and dab a little gloss onto the centre to really give them some volume,’ says Trisha.

Pack your bags

Had one too many late nights? Clare has the perfect solution: ‘Draw attention away from dark circles by applying your foundation right up to your lash line and pat concealer to the inside corners of the eye. Line your top lashes only and apply a good amount of mascara – this instantly draws attention to your eyes and not your bags.’

Cheat your hair wash

We’ve all done it – missed our alarm with only minutes to spare. ‘Dry shampoos work wonders when you’re late in the morning and have no time to wash your hair. Just spray and watch it instantly revive lacklustre locks,’ says Trisha.

Get thicker, fuller hair

Flat hair can look boring and lifeless, so give it some vivacity by adding volume with rollers. ‘Jumbo sized rollers can be a saviour,’ says Trisha. ‘Apply several to the crown area and blast with a hairdryer. Spray with a little hairspray before removing and shake hair into place with your fingers to style – don’t over brush or comb as you’ll undo all your good work.’


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