If you’re thinking about facial surgery, consider the latest, refined facelift techniques with facial rejuvenation using fat transfer. The results are subtle and natural-looking. Now the only sign of having a great surgeon is no one believing you’ve got one, says Anna Magee.


The new ‘stealth lifts’ are more like facial sculpture than facial surgery. When some areas of the face have too little fat, more can be added using fat injected from parts of the body. In others such as the chin, an excess of fat can add a puffy appearance to the skin making a person look older than their years – this can now be removed. This is called sub-mental liposuction, which can be done either during facelift surgery or as a standalone procedure.

“Some people feel they have a heavy layer of fat underneath their chin,” says Mr Guy Sterne, facial and reconstructive surgeon. Liposuction in the double chin area, done in the theatre under a general anaesthetic, can make a great difference to the patient’s face and clearly refine their neck area. “It’s one of the most effective treatments in terms of visibly beautiful results.”


“Using little dissolvable tacks attached to the bone, we reposition the muscle where it should be, without pulling the skin too tightly. This allows us to go under the fat pad beneath the skin and lift the muscle,” explains Mr Asit Khandwala, plastic and cosmetic surgeon.

Structural Fat Grafting, also called ‘lipostructure’, has transformed the way doctors look at correcting facial ageing and allows them to precisely and permanently reverse some of the key changes that commonly bother women in their 40s, 50s and 60s.

“We can harvest the patient’s own fat using gentle liposuction and transfer living fat cells to the areas in the face where it has been lost with natural and permanent results,” says leading cosmetic surgeon, Mr James Murphy.

“It’s great for restoring volume to cheeks, lower eyelids, upper eyelids, cheeks and jawlines. I do it alongside many facelifts and also as a standalone procedure to treat sagging.”

Cost Facelift surgery with fat transfer starts from £7,000; Facelift alone from £5,500; Fat transfer alone from £2,000.

Where Mr Guy Sterne practices at West Midlands Private Hospital in Birmingham and the Southbank Hospital, Worcester. Mr Asit Khandwala practices at Spire Gatwick Park Hospital in Surrey and Spire Tunbridge Wells Hospital in Kent. Mr James Murphy practices privately at the Spire in Manchester.


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